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Buzzard Creek Ranch offers Quality Whitetail Deer, Turkey, and Wild Hog Hunting.   The Ranch is located in the Texas Hill Country, San Saba County, in the Top 5 Deer Counties in Texas.    Outstanding 25-mile Hilltop Views.       The Ranch is located in-between the Colorado and San Saba Rivers, with rough, hilly terrain.  Feeding Program Year Round:    Corn,  Protein Pellets,  Deer Blocks, and  planted Oats/Wheat Food Plots.       No Sheep or Goats.      Rotational Cattle Grazing.       

Buzzard Creek Ranch is managed for Quality Trophy Buck hunting, with a growing herd and heavy body weights.   Yearly Spotlight Surveys in August and TP&WL Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP) Level 3   Buck/Doe Kill quotas during Hunting Season are used to drive the Deer Herd to an optimum (< 2 to 1) Doe/Buck Ratio, with a Deer Herd total count within the Range Carrying Capacity.

What Drives Us
Providing an exciting, lasting, hunting experience for you and your family with outstanding opportunities to harvest a Trophy Whitetail Deer.

The Ranch
Buzzard Creek Ranch started in 1991,   and it has been in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Managed Lands Deer Program (Level 3) since 1997.  Buzzard Creek Ranch was High Fenced in the Spring of 2008,  in order to maximize the quality of the Deer Herd.

The Company
Buzzard Creek Ranch Operating Company, LLC provides outstanding, comfortable, well maintained   deer blinds,   year-round feeders, fall food plots, and superb hunting opportunities with unforgettable Hill Country memories.


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